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Discovering new places may mean exposing yourself to new germs and even taking them places with you!  This topic covers ways to protect yourself and to enjoy happy, healthy travelling. 

The Best Loo Stops in South Africa

The holiday season has finally arrived; can you believe it is already the last month of the year? Thousands of people are preparing to travel long distances to their holiday destinations or to visit family in other  provinces.

Many  will be driving to their destinations and will be stopping along the way for loo breaks.  One thing you should not have to stress about is finding clean toilet facilities along the way.

Which Loo’s are Best?

We conducted a survey asking the public about the best loo’s to stop at when going on a road trip and here are the results:

75 % of people preferred petrol stations with restaurants, e.g. Wimpy, 19 % preferred shopping malls, whilst 6 % preferred farmstalls.

The majority voted for the Petrol Stations with Restaurants because they said where food is served, their toilets tend to be clean.  However, as these One-Stop petrol stations receive thousands of people daily during the holiday season, rather be safe than sorry and carry some wet wipes and hand sanitiser with you in case you need to wipes the toilet seats or the flushing handles!

Which Provinces have the Cleanest Loo’s?

We also conducted another fun survey to see which of the nine provinces in South Africa has the cleanest toilets:

69 % Western Cape, 21% Gauteng, 5% Limpopo and 5 % North West.  Other provinces did not receive any votes.

Do you have favourite loo stops?

We would love to hear your Comments Below or Vote for your Best Toilet Stop when going on holiday and Which Province has the Cleanest Toilets.

Wishing you safe travels and happy healthy holidays.


These are the views of the public and not of Infection Protection Products

I would love to hear your views. - Written by Mama Gogga, a self-confessed Germ-a-Phobe

Written by: Mama Gogga

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