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"Oh the Places You'll Go!" - Dr Seus

Discovering new places may mean exposing yourself to new germs and even taking them places with you!  This topic covers ways to protect yourself and to enjoy happy, healthy travelling. 

Hotel Room Itch


I had a sudden itchy moment a few days ago when I was looking for places to stay for a holiday I am planning. I remembered that a friend of mine got some strange skin disease called Impetigo a few years ago from the sheets in some hotel room.

This must have been some dodgy hotel, you say. Nope, it was some snazzy, elegant, expensive hotel with expanses of gleaming glass overlooking a wide, fast-flowing river.

One of the first things I do when I get into a hotel room is flop onto the bed, switch on the bedside lamp, reach for the remote, switch on the TV, stretch out and make myself at home. Nothing wrong with that you say!

However, a study carried out by Travelmath, has found hotels to contain more bacteria than notoriously germy public spaces such as planes and schools AND more than the average home! And expensive doesn’t always mean clean; you may get more germs for your money!

Apart from the phones, the four-star hotels were worse than three and five star establishments. They had more bacteria on every area tested (bathroom counter, desk, remote control and phone). So the extra star rating with extra luxury and extra service does not necessarily mean extra housekeeping.

This video on the Today Show has a microbiologist swabbing surfaces with some interesting results. Light switches could were actually pretty clean!

So no need to start panicking and pitching your own tent. There are many tips for degerming your hotel room.

Your best bet during hotel stays is to wash your hands frequently and disinfect surfaces before touching them especially those germy hot spots. Most importantly, it would probably be best to not to munch room service food with the same hand you use for the remote control!


Written by: Tess

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