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Day Zero is Looming in the Cape!


…Johannesburg is flooding in places!  We have received so much rain in the Highveld; I wish it was possible to pipe it down to the Cape.  Whilst some of us are moaning about the rain, the overcast weather and “what happened to summer”, let me give you an idea of what the 4 million residents in Cape Town are having to live through.


The Countdown Clock is ticking.

20 May 2018 is now anticipated to be Day Zero; the day taps are probably going to run dry in Cape Town!  Due to some unexpected summer rain, "Z-Day" has been moved from 13 May.  The city will then be distributing drinking water at 200 collection points, guarded by the police and the army.  Residents will only be allowed to have 25 Litres each.

Unlike the 100% full Vaal Dam with two out of the sixty sluice gates being opened to release water, Capetonians are compelled to:

  • Cut water use to less than 87 Litres per person, per day.
  • Use municipal drinking water only for essential washing, cooking and drinking purposes.
  • Use water indoors only.
  • Check and fix all water leaks.
  • Not water gardens and wash any cars.


It is not until one opens a tap to find, with horror, no water that one realises how much one takes the privilege of access to clean, running water for granted!

To try to prevent Day Zero from happening, from January 2018, Cape Town will be subjected to Level 6 water restrictions.

And levies may be imposed as only 40% of Capetonians are complying with using 87 Litres or less.

Do not underestimate how catastrophic Day Zero could be.  Cape Town could be evacuated temporarily!


Water Saving should be a way of Life!


Written by: Mama Gogga

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We all need to get together on this disaster.
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by: Lance Davey

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