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Creches, Nursery Schools, Schools, Universities and Colleges are all public places.  Constant illness causes non-attendance which is not helpful to learning.  This topic examines how to stay well in educational environments.


After having had my daughter, I stayed at home for one year because I was extremely scared of taking her to day-care.  I had heard other mothers tell each other how exhausted they were as their children were constantly sick from something or other they had picked up at crèche.  I wanted to wrap my baby up in cotton wool and protect her.  As wonderful as she was, after a while, I missed the stimulation of the workplace, and so I enrolled her in a pre-school and returned to work.  It was downhill after that!

When I was taking care of her at home, she hardly ever got sick, but this soon changed!  Every week it was a something else.  From a runny nose to low-grade fevers to diarrhoea.  These bugs seemed to jump from toddler to toddler, being spread with ease as the kids enjoyed sharing the toys and food.

It is January and it's back to school again!  As a parent is it important to be alert and try to prevent illness as much as possible by doing whatever necessary.  Below, I have shared some simple tips on how to help you and your little one from getting sick.  Let’s try to avoid all the bugs other children will be bringing with them to school.

                                                     Tips for Parents

  • Feed kids properly (healthy foods) to strengthen their immune system.
  • For fussy eaters get them nutritional supplements in the form of chewable/syrup multivitamins or shake supplements.
  • Well rested children don’t get as sick as much as tired children who are lacking sleep.
  • As a parent, it is your responsibility to the check the pre-school/school hygiene policy.


                                                   Tips for Pre-School and Schools

  • Get learners to wash their hands properly with soap, let them scrub for 20 seconds.  This is good sensible hand hygiene practice.
  • Use cleaning detergents that have sanitising properties when cleaning the playroom area.  Make sure every reachable area is wiped down such as desks, chairs, door knobs, toys, etc.
  • Teachers need to wash their hands as often as possible.
  • It is advisable to have hand sanitisers in the class at accessible areas for teachers and children.  Hand wipes are also a good, convenient solution.

It is inevitable for children to get sick while at school because they are no longer in the environment their bodies are used to.  To strengthen their immune systems, a healthy diet with immune boosting foods is extremely essential.


What do you do to keep your children as healthy as possible, whilst they are at school?


I’d love to hear your views. - Written by Mama Gogga, a self-confessed Germ-a-Phobe

Written by: Mama Gogga

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