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Why do we get sick when the season changes?

It's March and people will be getting their flu vaccines preparing for the cold days of winter coming. Do we get sick because it is suddenly cold or hot outside? Yes, we do because different viruses thrive in different temperatures, but you would have to be exposed to the virus before you get can get sick.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that dry winter air allows cold and flu viruses to survive longer and transmit more easily. 

Cold viruses such rhinovirus (are the most common viral infectious agents in humans and are the predominant cause of the common cold).  Every season comes with their own allergies, we cannot do anything about the temperatures outside, but we can control our indoor environment.

A few tips as we head towards winter:

 There are few things that you can do to avoid catching the cold this winter:

  • Simple regularly washing of your hands with soap and water.  
  • Winter air is dry, consider getting a humidifier to keep your nasal airways hydrated.
  • Get your flu vaccine in time.
  • Keep your houses well ventilated in winter to avoid dust and mould build-up.
  • Get enough sleep and eat well balanced meals.
  • Boost your immune system any way possible, such as taking Vitamin C supplements or eating food containing vitamin c.


The coldness of the weather does not make us sick, rather the viruses present in the cool air, and being in contact with people who are already sick will put you at risk.

Do you have tricks on how to keep the flu/cold away in winter? Please share with us.


I’d love to hear your views. - Written by Mama Gogga, a self-confessed Germ-a-Phobe.

Written by: Mama Gogga

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